Miami International Piano Festival - Giselle Brodsky

Giselle Brodsky, founder and artistic director of the Miami International Piano Festival

Reflecting on 23 years of exhilarating performances by some of the most inspiring artists, it is significant to witness that they have not only affected and inspired our audiences, but that, through the especially warm and inviting atmosphere of the Miami International Piano Festival, encounters made there have had an impact on the participating artists‘ lives and motivated them to share their experiences with audiences all over the world.

The Miami Internatinal Piano Festival supports true mavericks, offering them a canvas where they can explore their creativity and vision freely and share their message with passion and a renewed sense of inspiration.

Through the initiative of the extraordinary pianist Amir KATZ, one of the feature attractions in our festival, we are sure that German audiences will experience the greatness of several unique artists who we have had the honor of presenting in Miami.

I personally feel invigorated and deeply touched by Amir Katz’s passion and courage in putting together this ambitious and unique festival, and I fervently hope that this season will be just the beginning of more exciting performances by other great artists.

Giselle Brodsky