ENTELECHIA - Classical Music Festival Berlin

March 26 – April 03, 2020
Jesus-Christus-Kirche, Berlin Dahlem

“Light and spirit, the former ruling in the physical world, the latter in the moral world, are the highest conceivable indivisible energies.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The term ENTELECHIA (origins from Greek and means to have the aim in itself), fascinates me so strongly, because of its metaphysical notion. Invented by Aristoteles and later mentioned by Leibnitz, Goethe and Mahler it refers primarily to the human soul. The German verb “beseelen“, “with soul”, always constituted for me the alpha and omega of what art should convey.

Entelechia utilizes to the fullest one’s artistic potential, which is guided not only by an inexplicable, creative and unrestrainable inner urge, but mostly by love. Through my traveling I have had the opportunity to listen to some extraordinary musicians. Some are at the beginning of their careers, other are mature artists. I always dreamt of sharing these moving experiences with as many people possible, at the same time giving these important artists a stage to be heard. Each of them is a universe in his own right. My dream of this “match-making” between musicians I admire and the public is finally going to find its expression in a form of a music festival in Berlin.The Jesus-Christus-Kirche might not have a chandelier, but its atmosphere and exceptionally good acoustics will allow these artists to express their message and hopefully deliver for you a most unforgettable experience.

Amir Katz